Bathroom opinions please!

Hubby dearest has been trying for months to put me off redecorating the bathroom, saying that it won't be long before the Council come to modernise it, along with our falling-down kitchen (we rent from our local council at the moment). This was supposed to happen in July/August this year. We even delayed booking our holidays to ensure we'd be home to choose the new decor they'd install for us.

But now we've discovered it's going to be next year when they finally get around to our house. Which makes me rather frustrated, since almost 80% of the other houses on our street have had their renovations completed in full: new driveways, brand new kitchen and bathroom (including re plastering and decoration); electrical rewires; new gas boiler; new windows and doors.

We've just had the doors and windows installed. I have no idea how long we'll have to wait for the rest.

Anyway, enough of my rants. I would like your opinions on something...

I've always thought that a home's bathroom is one of the most important rooms to be well decorated, be clean and tidy, and generally nice. Hubby dearest completely disagrees. He truly doesn't care what the bathroom looks like, so long as there's hot water for a shower and clean towels somewhere.

What do you think?

I ask this because I simply cannot wait another year or so for the council to redecorate our bathroom. I HATE IT! The grubby ancient wallpaper is stuck on in patches, three layers thick in places, and completely comes away from the wall where the damp from the leaking toilet set in. There's no storage, the linoleum is torn and scratched... It won't cost much to get it looking better, just a little time and elbow grease; a lick of paint and some shelves. Hopefully some new flooring too. But then, I'd have to decide between redecorating the bathroom or buying a new wardrobe to match the furniture in our bedroom. At least for a few months while we save up again.

So, if you have any ideas for me I'd really appreciate it!

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