Tasty Tuesdays!

When I cook (which is virtually everyday!), I like things to be simple, and still taste delicious! I learnt the hard way that food cooked from fresh ingredients tastes so much better than frozen/prepacked/convenience foods from the supermarket. And I say "the hard way" because I truly didn't know how to cook when I first set up home!

With the help of my husband (who incidentally was a restaurant chef for some years!), various magazine recipes and books, I finally learnt how to prepare something tasty from scratch, often with very cheap ingredients too!

So, I present to you "Tasty Tuesdays": my weekly recipe section where you needn't worry too much about having weighing scales, measuring jugs, or the expertise of Delia Smith! My recipes are tried and tested on the most discerning palates (hubby darling and fussy kids), but have always come up trumps!

In honour of my Tunisian husband, I'll begin with a series of tasty Tunisian recipes, which are really delicious and can be adapted to suit any taste. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do at home!

More on this subject later...

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