Is this going to be a problem..?

Adorable as she is, my little angel seems to be quite addicted to her soothers (or "do-do's", as they are called in our house!).

I'm dreading the day she has to give them up and become a "big girl"... Which may not be too far away now as she really needs to give them up before she begins nursery school. This wasn't an issue with my son: he never took a liking to them, and so I was never faced with that awful parent guilt of having to take them away!

Ah well, there's still time for her to give them up willingly...

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  1. She is so cute. Good luck because it looks like you may have some fun times ahead if she doesn't want to give them up on her own ;-)

  2. Thanks, Harmony! At the moment we're trying to distract her from them as much as possible during the day. At night, we have no chance of sneaking the soothers away!