Do it yourself day!

I'm feeling rather proud of myself tonight; albeit exhausted, with hands that ache so much I'm barely able to type!

Whenever Hubby Dearest goes abroad without me, I set myself a plan of household tasks to do before his return. Often it's something simple, like painting the windowsills and hanging new curtains (my initial plan for this week). Other times, I get some mammoth task in my head that I simply have to do. Like today, for example...

Quite unexpectedly, our new kitchen table arrived. We hadn't even got rid of the old one to make room for it. Darned delivery men, they should have called to let me know. And unloading great ugly boxes into my freshly cleaned kitchen was like waving a red flag to a bull!

So, I dismantled the old table and chairs, fixed up the new ones, stepped back and admired the view. But then I remembered the other box lurking in the shed: the cabinet for the lounge that Hubby dearest has been planning to build for nigh on six months, "as soon as I can find someone to take the fish tank off our hands" (which is another great ugly unwanted piece of furniture, taking up space in the house).

Of course, I checked the instructions first. And you know what I found? A great big picture of a woman symbol (the kind you'd find on a lavatory door to discern the ladies' from the gents') WITH A LINE THROUGH IT! As though it were trying to say that a woman should not try to assemble this alone! Beneath was a picture of two women symbols and an "okay" tick. But really! Do the manufacturers seriously think that women can't assemble flat-pack alone?

I was planning to scan that manual to show the world that chauvinistic imagery, but unfortunately little angel spilled juice all over it. All that work, and kids/cooking/cleaning/washing/bath time/story/etc done too.

Hope hubby feels sufficiently guilty when he arrives back to see my efforts!

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  1. How funny about the symbol that a woman can't assemble solo - hmmmph.

    Love your blog. I'm a mom, too & blog...maybe you want to check mine out.