The Bean Jar Theory...

...candy or beans?
I just read a really interesting post on Tertia's blog about "the bean jar married sex theory". Here's the basics of it:

When you meet someone new, someone you think you might end up getting serious about, go out and get yourself a jar and a big packet of beans. Then, every time you shag, put one of the beans in the jar. Carry on doing that until you get married.

After your wedding night and once you are back from your honeymoon, take that full jar of beans out again. From then on, remove a single bean for each time you have sex with your partner. You’ll never empty that jar again.

How true is that? It's too late for me to try this experiment now (we've been married for three years), but I certainly doubt we would have come close to emptying that jar of beans. Long-term commitment certainly seems to put a damper on your love life, especially where babies are involved...

Even so, I'd love to hear success stories from those who have kept the light of their love life burning fiercely in spite of passion-dampeners (ie: kids), marital issues and time!

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  1. It's definitely the babies. A friend of mind has a theory. Being a stay-at-home-mum, by the end of the day when hubby gets home, you're so emotionally drained from all the giving of love, that you just need some time to stop giving and turn inward. Unfortunately for Daddy, it eats into his love time.